The present invention is directed to a process for producing a mixed fertilizer containing urea whereby the conventional steps of evaporation of solutions and drying of solids is eliminated and a product obtained which is dry, granular, uniform in size and easily distributable upon the land. Thus, by operating in accordance with the present invention one enjoys not only an economy by the reduction of process steps but also produces a mixed fertilizer containing desirable chemical and physical properties.
According to my invention I treat the melt of urea with a water removal agent such as P2O5 or SO3 or some compound which is capable of taking up the water to form an acid and which when neutralized with ammonia will contain chemicals useful as plant foods. The melt thus-produced is then treated with anhydrous ammonia to neutralize said mixture and form another melt containing urea and the corresponding ammonium salt.
This last melt is then treated in a prill tower or granulation.