In Urea Conversion gas/liquid mixing in urea reactor with application of high efficiency trays homogeneous and heterogeneous phases’ equilibria and kinetics is very important. The efficiency of Urea Reactors can be improved by the application of the latest generation of internals. Generally fluid dynamics phenomenon are created by the co-current gas liquid flow through the simple perforated trays which generates irregular bubbles; now this problem has been solved by new generation high efficiency device super cup patented by M/S Saipem.
Present article intends to describe how conversion increases by super cup with geometry of the shape of super cup etc. The increase in the efficiency has permitted direct benefits to the overall production and energy of the units, thus allowing lower energy consumption and a reduced environmental impact emission of greenhouse gases. The Super Cups can be applied to design a new generation of urea reactors as well as to improve the performance of existing equipment in a revamp design.