In urea plant ammonium carbamate solution is very corrosive; all metals have corrosion problems with ammonium carbamate and the corrosion problems increase with temperature (a ten degree Celsius rise in temperature doubles the corrosion rate).
The space between the reactor liner and the shell is most often empty and employs various methods of detecting a leak ranging from conductivity measurements, vacuum leak detection system, pressure leak detection system.
Materials plays very important role in any industry. Selection of material is vital at design stage itself. Wrong selection of material may lead to catastrophic failures and outage of plants & even loss of human lives. Right selection of material leads to long life of plant. In the latest plants specialty duplex materials are used for liner. This paper is intended to study of number of leakages in the HP loop vessels: Reactor, Stripper, Carbamate condenser. How to detect leakage and troubleshooting during detection and attending the leakages.