Reliable compressor operation is essential for fertilizer plants. These fluids are under increasing levels of thermal stress and may be exposed to gas ingression causing further acceleration to its failure. The result of compressor oil degradation are polar degradation products that form as varnish deposits on bearings, valves and other lube system components. The impact of these deposits in a bearing are temperature excursions and bearing wear. In a hydraulically controlled valve, the impact of deposits are valve sticking and locking.
It is possible to monitor the health of these fluids, and their potential to develop varnish, by RULER and MPC tests.
One solution to the formation of deposits in compressor oils is the use of a solubility enhancer. Fluitec has developed its Solvancer technology, specifically for this application. It has been shown to provide immediate relief to systems suffering from varnish and long term deposit control protection for components susceptible to failure from varnish.