Nitrogen nano fertilizer was synthesized using zeolite as a carrier material at a laboratory scale. X-ray diffraction (XRD) analysis confirmed the incorporation of the fertilizer material into zeolite. Chemical analyses also indicated the sorption of fertilizer material into zeolite. An in vitro incubation study was conducted for 30 days at field moisture condition to see the release of the fertilizer materials and was compared with a conventional fertilizer. The release pattern of nutrients from either source showed a substantial decreasing trend with time although the release of N was higher for nano fertilizer than the conventional one. A pot culture experiment with Ipomoea aquatica (Kalmi) was also conducted to see the efficacy of the nano fertilizer in the growth promotion of the plant. Analysis showed higher accumulation of N in plants grown with nano fertilizer. Post effect of nano fertilizer application in soil showed better pH, moisture, CEC and available nitrogen under nano fertilizer treatment than the conventional fertilizer.