Stamicarbon has already sold a license of its latest urea technology, the Ultra Low Energy Design, which cuts the energy consumption and the cooling water consumption of a urea melt plant down to record low levels.

Launch Melt™ Ultra Low Energy Design is Stamicarbon’s ultimate technological statement (so far) and sets the new benchmark (again) for the lowest OPEX in the urea industry. Most urea processes are based on the so-called "N=2" heat integration design, in which the heat supplied to the plant is used twice. In the Ultra Low Energy Design Stamicarbon has gone one step further with a "N=3" design, in which the heat supplied is used three times. Accordingly, much less steam is needed.

The Ultra Low Energy Design embraces and builds on the solid principles of the Launch Melt™ Pool Condenser Design (formerly known as Urea 2000Plus®process): pool condensation, compact and simplified design and the use of Safurex®, the most innovative material for urea application.

The Ultra Low Energy Design is also a powerful revamp tool, not only for conventional urea plants but also for the CO2 stripping plants. It can be used for reduction in energy consumption and also for increasing the plant capacity.