Eurotecnica Group is known for its leading position as technology provider, designer and implementer of melamine production plants. Urea-Melamine easy integration, total-zero-pollution, low energy consumption and absence of add-on chemicals for purification, are top-notch features of proprietary Euromel® Melamine Process, now available on proven 4th generation.

Strong of 40 years experience, Eurotecnica is the company that has transformed the melamine business from one playing a marginal role in the chemical industry into a global business worth 2 billion USD. More than 4.2 million tons of Euromel® melamine product have been produced to date at plants licensed by Eurotecnica Group. As many as 21 Melamine plants worldwide are based on Euromel® Melamine Process, including the production facilities of companies the likes of KHPC, Qatar QAFCO, Methanol Holding Trinidad, ZAP Grupa Azoty, Petrochina, Zhong Yuan Dahua, Xinjiang Xinlianxin (XLX) Energy Chemical Co. Ltd. and several more.

The recent successful start-up of the largest single reactor high-pressure melamine plant at XLX, with a nameplate capacity of 180 MTPD, is another sign of Eurotecnica’s capability to provide challenging technical solutions and to set new milestones in the melamine industry evolution.