India is operating a large number of ammonia, urea and complex fertilizer plants. The latest safety survey of Indian fertilizer plants was carried out for five years period of 2010-15. Almost all ammonia-urea and complex fertilizer plants representing 93% of production participated in the survey. An average of 150 million man-hours per year were employed in these plants. The paper reports here loss time injury rate, severity rate (man-hours lost), longest accident free period and analysis of causes of incidents. Analysis of some specific incidents in ammonia and urea plants are also included. The data show that there has been reduction in loss time injury and severity rates from past survey periods. However, there were large numbers of avoidable incidents caused mainly due to human negligence. An average of 0.2% man hours were lost due to human injuries in the five year survey period. Analysis of data clearly brings out the need for emphasis on behavioral aspect of occupational safety.