CO(15NH2)2 enriched with the stable isotope 15N was synthesized based on a reaction involving CO, 15NH3, and S in the presence of CH3OH. The method differs from the industrial method; a stainless steel reactor internally lined with polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) was used in a discontinuous process under low pressure and temperature. The yield of the synthesis was evaluated as a function of the parameters: the amount of reagents, reaction time, addition of H2S, liquid solution and reaction temperature. The results showed that under optimum conditions (1.36, 4.01, and 4.48 g of 15NH3, CO, and S, respectively, 40 ml CH3OH, 40 mg H2S, 100 °C and 120 min of reaction) 1.82 g  (yield 76.5%) of the compound was obtained per batch. The synthesized CO(15NH2)2 contained 46.2% N, 0.55% biuret, melting point of 132.55 °C and did not exhibit isotopic fractionation. The production cost of CO(15NH2)2 with  90.0 at. % 15N was US$ 238.60 per gram.