The flagship product at TCL Haldia, DAP, was facing margin pressures. Also, the soil and farmers here demanded a fertiliser with significant sulphur content. After scanning potential products, team at TCL Haldia narrowed down on NP 20:20:0:13 which not only was meeting farmer requirement of higher sulphur, but also optimizing the Haldia site's captive resources utilization like Phosphoric acid and Sulphuric acid plant and thus generated higher contribution. TCL Haldia has developed NP 20:20 in existing DAP manufacturing facilities using pressure reactor system and without any investment and engaging any professional consultants. Successful innovative solutions were developed through benchmarking, brainstorming and were executed after laboratory and plant trials. A new product variant, NP 20:20 has been successfully developed, introduced in the market through product launch on 2nd August 2014 and established as the most preferred choice of farmers with market share more than 50%.