India has made commendable progress in different sectors of agricultural production namely food grains, horticultural crops, fish, milk, egg, sugarcane, cotton, oilseeds. The country has witnessed Green Revolution (food production), Blue Revolution (fish production), White Revolution (milk production), Yellow Revolution (oilseed production), etc. The increase ranged from 4 times in food grains to 27 times in egg from 1950-51 till date. It took more than 60 years to have such an increase. Still we have to go a long way to improve farm productivity and farmers' income on sustainable basis. Government of India has already announced and launched ambitious plans like issuing of soil health cards, promotion of balanced fertilisation and integrated nutrient management, 100% coating of urea with neem oil, producing more crop per drop of water by promoting micro-irrigation and fertigation, etc. An attempt has been made to analyze whether the current technologies are synergistic with the ambitious plan to improve farm productivity and farmer' income.

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