While Paola Fatás chemical engineer working on his thesis, he could not take his mind off the idea of undertaking. "I did not know if it was investigating finally reach the people," he recalls. She wanted to "change things" and spent the best option to create their own company. In his role as very interesting doctoral acquired skills that have later applied his entrepreneurial stage. "Incredibly a thesis serves more things to investigate," he says. So he learned to seek resources, distinguish relevant information or know where to begin their work.But his desire might have come to nothing if one day I had not had an idea. And not a clue either, but something "that did not exist" in the market. It was a very hot day and Fatás had decided to make a bike path. When I was thirsty he was to pull the leading beverage can, but could not take it because it was hot. At that time he decided to investigate a system that would allow to cool a drink in seconds anywhere, anytime, without ice or electricity.