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  • Rice paddy urea application

    Rice paddy urea application

  • Christof Group: Trust in Solutions

    Christof Group: Trust in Solutions

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    LESER, The Safety-Valve.com

  • Safety Training NH3 & Urea

    Safety Training NH3 & Urea

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High Efficiency Trays

Risk Registers

- Safety Hazards in Urea Plants: 110
  V15: Three new safety hazards added
Three new safety hazards are added: Carbamate pump motor burnt during start-up, PSV notch discharge carbamate pump released, Condensate splashes injuring operator
- Urea Reactor Safety Hazards: 50
  V8: AXO Welding added as prevention and mitigation measures provider

For our complete overview of Safety Hazards, Incidents and Near Misses, check out FIORDA