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    GRANDPERSPECTIVE: We make visible the invisible hazard

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As a part of our commitment for continuous improvement, Plant Integrity Study was carried out for FERTIL - 1 production facilities viz, Ammonia, Urea, Utilities & Jetty loading facilities. The objective of the Plant Integrity Study was to get a comprehensive report from a professional independent consultant regarding the existing plant equipment condition and to plan for future cost investment to sustain safe, un-interrupted and reliable plant operations for the next 25 years.  

The Study:  

The Plant Integrity Study carried out by the consultant comprised of meetings with FERTIL’s Plant Operations personnel, data collection, site visit etc., A specialist team comprising of 5 people from the consultant office were at FERTIL’s Ruwais Plant for 21 days to collect the required data, made several site visits to the plant areas, held meetings with plant personnel etc., Apart from that, an off-site team of 9 people from the consultant office evaluated the data from their office in Europe. The study started during August 2009 and final report was received on 31st May 2010. The study was coordinated by the Asset Integrity Section of the Technical Support Department and fully supported by all other concerned Plant Operations Departments.  

Methodology:  The Plant Integrity & Life Assessment Study was conducted in 4 stages:

Stage 1 – Identification Of Critical & Cost Relevant Equipment.

Stage 2 – Data Collection & Evaluation.

Stage 3 – Risk & Remaining Life Estimation.

Stage 4 – Capital Investment Cost Estimation. 


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