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    CASALE - The Innovative Touch

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    SAIPEM - Extraordinary Is Our Everyday

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    SPRANA: The UAN Analyzer

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UreaKnowHow.com & UreaNet.cn: 13000+
AmmoniaKnowHow.com: 1100+
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Safety Information

- Safety Risks in Urea Plants: 200+
- Safety Risks in Ammonia Plants: 1200+
- Ammonia Feed Piping Risks: 10+
- Risks during Turnarounds: 10+
For our complete overview of Safety Risks, Incidents and Near Misses, check out FIORDA

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Not a milestone to be proud of !?

On the other side a milestone showing that our industry wants to improve its safety standards by sharing safety incidents. AmmoniaKnowHow.com and UreaKnowHow.com missions are to support you in building a safety work place for our industry. We will include all incidents in our Risk Registers enabling you to assess in a better way all risks associated with your plant. We thank all who support this initiative and contribute to our mission. Join us now in establishing the largest database of safety risks in ammonia and urea plants.

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