Tribute to Mr. Ivo Mavrovic

With more than thirty patents registered at the US Patent Office, Mr. Ivo Mavrovic is certainly one of major contributors to the urea process technology as it exist today. Mr. Mavrovic did write patents covering a wide range of the urea technology, both in process as well as mechanical field. Above all Mr. Mavrovic developed a complete urea process technology, the HEAT RECYCLE UREA PROCESS.

This process has been applied at commercial scale and is in operation amongst others at Madras Fertilizer in India producing 1500 mtpd urea. Ivo Mavrovic graduated from Liceo Scientifico of Fiume, Italy and received his B.S. and AA.S. in chemical engineering from the University of Zagreb, Yugoslavia. He was associated with Dorr-Oliver S.p.a., Milan, Italy, and Chemical Construction Corp., New York City, before starting his private practice UTI, Urea Technologies Inc. Currently Mr. Mavrovic HEAT RECYCLE UREA PROCESS is licensed out by MECS Inc. (Monsanto Enviro-Chem Systems).


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