Trade Fair Nitrogen & Syngas: LESER discusses with top decision-makers

Overpressure protection in urea plants: This was the topic of LESER at the annually meeting of the nitrogen industry from the 24 – 28 February 2014 in Paris.

The safety valve manufacturer presented oneself on its booth as well as in a workshop. The focus was the urea synthesis safety valve. Just under 700 experts and decision-makers from the uppermost echelons of management of plant operators, licensors, manufacturers and suppliers met to actively exchange opinions and knowledge at the “Nitrogen & Syngas” event. Economic and technological developments were introduced and discussed. LESER was the only safety valve manufacturer represented at the trade fair. In a workshop entitled “Safety Valve Solutions for Urea Plants and Maintenance Guidelines” with around 50 specialists the advantages of the LESER urea synthesis safety valve were intensively discussed. Also the topic of overpressure protection was explained to the participants in an understandable fashion, and important information was provided on how to improve plant safety and extend maintenance cycles using the latest overpressure protection technology. The LESER urea synthesis block safety valve with the LESER Flushing System ensures optimum temperature control in the sensitive carbamate gas overpressure protection system. The LESER product solution offers a direct and continuous all-round steam flushing of the nozzle. This construction ensures that the carbamate always remains gaseous, thus preventing corrosion, because only liquid carbamate solution can cause such corrosion. The design developed by LESER prevents the safety valve from opening prematurely as a result of changes in the set pressure caused by corrosion effects on the seat. In order to ensure that the safety valve can be safely and tightly closed again after lifting, LESER also offers a combination with the supplementary loading system in addition to the urea synthesis safety valve. This unique solution enables LESER to help the customer avoid having to shut down the plant, which is unavoidable in the event of larger leaks. “The trade fair was a great success,” summarised Andreas Caldonazzi, who is responsible for this application-oriented solution as the Product Manager. “We could give our customers important information to improve their processes and therewith to increase the productivity.  In the December issue of the magazine “Indian Fertilizer – Scene Annual – 2013”, LESER also published the article, “An Innovative Safety Solution for Overpressure Protection in the Urea Synthesis Section,” on the topic of overpressure protection in urea plants.

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