thePetroStreet new engineering software “RecTANK” released

thePetroStreet has released their 8th engineering software RecTANK which covers the mechanical design of atmospheric rectangular tanks.

Salient features include:
1. In-line with Roark’s Formulas for Stress & Strain
2. Performs design on following basis: No Stiffening, Top Edge Stiffening, Vertical Stiffening, Horizontal Stiffening
3. Provides liberty to designer for making analysis based upon actual thickness
4. Provides following outputs: Wall plate thickness, Bottom plate thickness, Maximum deflection, Allowable deflection, Required Stiffening (Moment of Inertia / Section Modulus), Required Stiffening Member (Angle Iron data included)
5. Complete help file on using RECTANK effectively
6. Detailed design calculations (can be provided upon user’s request)

This software is very effective for mechanical engineers working in petrochemical, oil & gas, refining and energy sectors. It has been downloaded 135 times in just 10 days and we like to share this with UreaKnowHow team and users.

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