ThePetroStreet new engineering software “ClampOX” released

thePetroStreet team has released their next engineering software: “ClampOX” focusing on box-up /clamp design for piping leakages.
ClampOX is capable of designing both hot box-up (welded) and cold box-up (bolted) based upon user’s input.

The salient features of ClampOX are as follows:
1. Basic clamp thickness calculations for hot box-up based on ASME VIII pressure design formula
2. Calculation of weld leg dimension for hot box-up (welded)
3. Basic clamp thickness calculations for cold clamp on ASME VIII and structural analysis against line pressure / injection pressure
4. Commonly available and used materials for clamps / pipe / lug have been listed along with their stress values against input temperature
5. Provides liberty to the user for input of all required data if not in scope of ClampOX material library
6. Provides all the required output which a design engineer would require
7. Detailed sketch of cold box-up with all required dimensions including: Clamp thickness, Lug thickness, Lug length, Lug width, Weld led dimension for lug attachment
8. For bolted clamps, ClampOX generates the required bolt diameter and bolt spacing also however number of bolts have to be specified by user
9. General notes have been provided within the software for basic information of user
10. Free to download and use

Please visit their website

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