The Wilson Award for Excellence in Safety

Each year, employees across CF Industries implement impactful safety innovations and improvements. These invaluable contributions to our organization not only improve our ways of working but promote the safety of our friends and coworkers.

We do not see safety improvements as proprietary information. We reward safety innovation within our organization, and we share our progress and insights throughout our network and with industry peers.

One of the most prominent ways we do this is through the Wilson Award for Excellence in Safety. Every CF Industries location nominates initiatives to receive the award, and finalists are chosen by a cross-functional selection committee. Then, our Senior Leadership Team selects the winner based on impact on safety performance and culture, transferability to other sites, ability to be sustained and improved upon, and demonstration of our Core Values.

The Wilson Award demonstrates how much we value and respect the work our team does every day to maintain safe and reliable operations. This work starts with an idea – a creative solution that looks to enhance the current state of our operations.

Click here for the 2022 Finalists

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