The State-of-the-Art Urea Reactor

“Highest Safety and Reliability Standards, Minimum Maintenance and Repair Efforts”

The heart of every urea plant is the urea reactor. The high pressures, high temperatures and the presence of very corrosive ammonium carbamate puts high demands on its reliability and safety during its typical lifetime of 40-50 years. has established a Urea Incident Database containing numerous serious incidents with urea reactors and a Urea Reactor Risk Register containing fifty risks and failure modes of a traditional design urea reactor. Based on the above information plus by applying our extensive experience and knowledge, we can offer you the complete detailed design specification of a State-of-The-Art Urea Reactor with optimum design details of the carbon steel pressure bearing wall, the protective layers and all the internals. This will realise the highest reliability and safety standards and minimize maintenance and repair efforts.
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