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The biggest Plant in the world for the Production ,Ammonia and Urea (Qafco)

biggest Plant in the world for the Production ,Ammonia and Urea (Qafco): Our Policy Mission: We shall operate the plants Efficiently, Safely and Environmentally Responsibly to Produce and Supply Ammonia and Urea at the Quality required by our Customers and to carry out investments to Maximize Shareholders Returns. Vision: Largest Quality Ammonia and Urea Producer. OUR MAIN OBJECTIVES ARE TO: Achieve highest possible production at comparatively low cost. Operate the plants with maximum online factor. Operate the plants safely and in an environmentally responsible manner. Meet customers expectations with regard to Quality and Timely Delivery. WE ARE COMMITTED THROUGH OUR OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH & SAFETY, ENVIRONMENTAL AND QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS TO: AFCO was founded in 1969 as a joint venture between the State of Qatar, Norsk Hydro Norway, Davy Power gas , and Hambros Bank, to produce Ammonia & Urea by utilizing Qatar’s abundant gas resources. The company is now owned by Industries Qatar (IQ) as 75% shareholder and Yara International as 25% shareholder. QAFCOs inception in 1969 as a joint venture company to produce chemical fertilisers was the first and a significant step in Qatars industrial diversification program to utilize its abundant natural gas resources. Since then QAFCO has steered its way successfully, responding adequately to the world market demand for fertiliser and living up to the expectations of its shareholders, IQ and Yara. QAFCO inaugurated its first plant in 1973 with a design capacity of 900 tons of Ammonia and 1000 tons of urea daily. Presently QAFCO complex comprises four completely integrated trains; QAFCO-1 (1973), QAFCO-2 (1979), QAFCO-3 (1997) and QAFCO-4 (2004). Each train is made up of two units, one for production of ammonia and the other for urea. Through scientific strategic plans and integration of the latest technologies, QAFCO steadily developed, over the years, in terms of nameplate capacity, production quantities, quality and competitiveness of products, accordingly QAFCO has become one of the main producers and exporters of ammonia and urea in the world. Now after the completion of QAFCO-4 plant QAFCO has emerged as the worlds largest single site producer of urea and ammonia with an annual production capacity of 2 million tons of ammonia and 2 million tons of urea. Increase the competency of personnel and use of adequate technology to enhance Customers Satisfaction, environmental and safety performance. Control of operational risks and prevention of pollution. Implement Occupational Health & Safety, Environmental and Quality Management Systems as a prime line responsibility at all levels of our organisation and continually improve their performance and effectiveness. Comply with all relevant Qatari Legislations, Regulations and Standards adopted by the Company. Involve and consult with our employees on matters related to our Occupational Health and Safety System. Communicate this Policy to our employees and contractors and make it available to interested parties and the public. Monitor, study and record the environmental impacts of our operations caused by discharges to the sea and emissions to air for possible reductions. Encourage re-use and recycling and manage our solid waste to reduce environmental impacts. Conduct regular reviews of relevant Occupational Health and Safety, Environmental and Quality activities for compliance with the adopted Standards. Open information and communication with all parties affected by or interested in our activities.

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