Thank you BADOTHERM!

Guido Dohmen, Maintenance Field Planner E/I bij Sitech Services BV: “Within two days, a diaphragm capillary transmitter was repaired for for OCI Global’s urea plant in Geleen. The cooperation with Sander Posthumus went smoothly and efficiently.

A good example of Badotherm’s excellent service, which has ensured that there has been no further stagnation in the shut down of our urea plant.”

Reply Sander Posthumus of Badotherm: “Thanks for sharing! A good example of the cooperation has with the many (end) customers for faster deliveries to keep the factories running. In this case with a Superduplex F53 Extended type diaphragm seal with a turnaround within 48 hours. Thank you Guido Dohmen and the team of engineers at for your support and cooperation! 😀💪”



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