Test of Relative Hardness: Ammonium Sulfate vs Urea vs Amidas 40-0-0 5.5(S)

Amidas 40-0-0 5.5(S), a homogeneous granular fertilizer with 40% nitrogen and 5.5% sulfate sulfur, is demonstrated to be harder (Amidas, average: 9.20 kg/granule) than granular urea 46-0-0 (average: 5.92/kg/granule) and ammonium sulfate 21-0-0 24(S) (average: 1.32 kg/granule) using a hardness meter. In addition to the granule hardness, Amidas offers superior handling due to particle uniformity and its virtually dust-free consistency. Amidas, a unique product available at Synagri in Eastern Ontario and Quebec. – Unique in its production process; – Reduce N volatilization longer and more efficiently than urea without chemical additives; – Sulphate sulfur is immediately assimilated by plants; – Ideal N :S ratio 7.3 :1 for protein synthesis; – 40% Nitrogen, 5,5% Sulfur in the same granule; – Totally water soluble; – Very uniform granule size; – True homogenous product ensures uniformity of application. Consult your representative for more informations: www.synagri.ca


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