Tekla Middle East BIM Awards 2011 – 3rd Amonia & Urea Plant Granulation Structure

This structure is one of main structures in the powder production plants in petrochemical facilities. It is very complicated and dense structure. Because of the solid handling systems used in such structures, coordination between different disciplines are very essential and there are potentially large no. of clashes exist between structure elements and the solid handling system and piping in the building. Fortunately this coordination done effectively by using BIM in model transferring between structure department and other disciplines. One of the other benefits of using this model transferring, is to see the actual size of connections. In typical projects usually, connection elements (e.g. end plates, gusset plates,..) have been ignored, which actually is one of the main source of problems, by clashing with other items. In this model at the beginning the connections have been applied by Auto Connection, so nothing missed in the coordination with other disciplines.


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