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  • Sulvaris has successfully developed and commercialized its leading enhanced efficiency Micronized Sulphur Technology (MST®) with Nutrien, the largest global fertilizer producer and retailer.
  • Sulvaris is also currently developing its disruptive carbon technology platform, which is focused on carbon capture combined with a high-performance crop nutrient delivery mechanism aiming to provide farmers with superior crop yields, return on investment, and environmental stewardship.
  • Sulvaris has commercialised the technology to produce MAP+MST® with Nutrien being marketed as SmartNutritienTM

Urea + Micronized Sulphur Technology (MST®) is a proprietary patented technology that economically micronizes elemental sulphur to less than 10-micron average size.

  • Urea + MST® easily incorporates the micronized elemental sulfur directly into the urea melt granulation process.
  • Urea + MST® can be produced with 5 – 12% Micronized Sulphur in the granule.
  • MST® is evenly dispersed throughout the granule for maximum soil to fertilizer contact.
  • Smaller sulphur particle size distribution leads to an exponential increase in the surface area, which is essential for microbial oxidation to convert otherwise insoluble sulphur into a soluble nutrient form for plant uptake.
  • Elemental sulphur products with larger sized particles do not fully oxidize in the season of application, whereas MST® begins to oxidize within days of application and provides season long plant nutrient sulphur to the crop.
  • MST® can also be co-granulated with various other N, P, K and Sulphate fertilizers.

Sulvaris Technology Advantages

MST is economically mass produced in a safe, single step, low temperature pressure process.

MST is incorporated directly into the urea melt pipeline for granulation or prilling.

Virtually no intrusion into urea plant, thus avoiding expensive modifications and production loss.

Significantly low Capital and Operating costs and excellent product quality.


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