SULVARIS: Urea + Micronized Sulphur Technology (MST®)

Urea + Micronized Sulphur Technology (MST®is a proprietary patented technology that economically micronizes elemental sulphur to less than 10-micron average size.

  • Urea + MST® easily incorporates the micronized elemental sulfur directly into the urea melt granulation process.
  • Urea + MST® can be produced with 5 – 12% Micronized Sulphur in the granule.
  • MST® is evenly dispersed throughout the granule for maximum soil to fertilizer contact.
  • Smaller sulphur particle size distribution leads to an exponential increase in the surface area, which is essential for microbial oxidation to convert otherwise insoluble sulphur into a soluble nutrient form for plant uptake.
  • Elemental sulphur products with larger sized particles do not fully oxidize in the season of application, whereas MST® begins to oxidize within days of application and provides season long plant nutrient sulphur to the crop.
  • MST® can also be co-granulated with various other N, P, K and Sulphate fertilizers.
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