STAMICARBON selected for Licensing and Equipment Supply in China

Stamicarbon, the innovation and license company of Maire Tecnimont Group, has been selected as the licensor for a urea project in China.
The plant’s capacity of 3791 metric tons per day (MTD) will make it the largest urea plant to be licensed by Stamicarbon in China.
The scope of the contract consists of the license, Process Design Package (PDP), and Proprietary Equipment in Safurex® for the urea plant and associated services. The plant will also be coupled with a dual-line melamine plant. Stamicarbon’s knowledge and experience with the coupling of urea and Melamine plants will be of utmost importance for this project.
The plant will have a capacity of 1133 MTD as feed for melamine plant coupling, 1560 MTD urea prills, and 1098 MTD urea granules. The plant will be configured to produce urea prills, potentially also urea granules and even diesel exhaust fluid allowing the plant to serve up to three separate but critical industries in China.
Pejman Djavdan, Stamicarbon’s Managing Director, said: “We are proud to be part of this remarkable project that will bring forward best-in-class urea and melamine production in China. It is a genuinely solid project with an innovative concept that is bound to add value to the community and the region at large.

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