STAMICARBON: Minbos Resources signs MOU for Angola green fertilizer project

Australian fertilizer developer Minbos Resources announced it has entered into a memorandum of understanding (MOU), with Angola’s National Electricity Transmission Network, EP (RNT-EP) for the Capanda green ammonia project. The agreement was signed between RNT-EP and Minbos’ subsidiary Green Ammonia LDA . The company said it represents a global green energy first and outlines the supply of 100% renewable and installed hydroelectric power from the Capanda Dam to the proposed site of the green ammonia plant in northern Angola. As part of the MOU, Minbos will commence on a plan for the connection of electricity supply to the proposed plant site with the company having identified the Capanda Hydropower Plant in Malanje, which is close to target markets for agriculture. Minbos will also begin the project implementation study phase, which involves market, technical feasibility, which are already underway as well as financial, environmental impact, social impact and network impact studies. These efforts will be supported by RNT-EP and Stamicarbon, who should deliver the project’s technical study in early 2023, and the parties have committed to complete a market assessment study. There will also be green ammonia plant basic design engineering, automation and telecommunications architectures studies forthcoming. The company has previously said the output of the project’s green ammonia volumes is expected to be 300,000 tonnes/year. This will be upgraded to an equal ratio of calcium ammonium nitrate (CAN) and ammonium nitrate (AN) although this balance is set to be flexible. Minbos said it sees the project as embracing the Angolan government’s goal to make the nation self-sufficient in fertilizers and to increase agricultural production to ensure food security and that the project will provide volumes that will be competitive with imported fertilizers. Minbos CEO Lindsay Reed also noted that the project benefits because it is located close to some of Angola’s major growing regions and close to major rail and road routes. “Our MOU with RNT-EP is a function of our previous work in country to build an industry from the bottom-up, creating new opportunities for growth within a country that has enormous agricultural opportunity,” said Reed. “We thank the Angolan government for again entrusting us with what will be a world-first green project that highlights the abundant opportunities that Angola presents.”

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