Stamicarbon (MAIRE) to Provide NX Stami Green Ammonia and NX Stami Nitric Acid Technologies for Low-Carbon Fertilizer Plant in France

Stamicarbon, the nitrogen technology licensor of MAIRE S.p.A, together with NextChem Tech, has been awarded a feasibility study and a pre-FEED contract from FertigHy. Under this contract, Stamicarbon will provide its NX Stami Green AmmoniaTM and NX Stami Nitric AcidTM technologies for FertigHy’s first low-carbon fertilizer plant in France.

FertigHy is a consortium composed of European industrial players aimed at tackling the challenges of the global food security with low-carbon fertilizers solutions. The plant, which is scheduled to start construction in 2027, will produce half a million tons per year of low-carbon nitrogen-based fertilizers, from hydrogen obtained by renewable and low carbon electricity.

NX Stami Green AmmoniaTM facilitates environmentally friendly ammonia production by using hydrogen obtained through water electrolysis rather than fossil fuel reforming. This technology offers a sustainable and economically viable alternative to conventional processes, paving the way for producing fuels and fertilizers from renewable energy sources.

NX Stami Nitric AcidTM technology is distinguished by its high tail gas temperature and is designed for maximum energy recovery, reliable operation, and minimal greenhouse gas emissions.

“We are delighted to be part of this groundbreaking project, which aligns perfectly with our commitment to pioneering sustainable fertilizer technologies. Our role in this project provides an opportunity to contribute towards improving global food security through low-carbon solutions,” said Pejman Djavdan, CEO of Stamicarbon. “We look forward to participating in this initiative and helping to drive sustainable practices in the fertilizer industry.”

NextChem Tech, also part of NEXTCHEM (Sustainable Technology Solutions), will integrate its hydrogen and electrolyzer know-how in a consolidated technical solution.

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