STAMICARBON (Maire Tecnimont Group) is selected as Urea Licensor for a Project in Sub-Saharan Africa

Sittard, The Netherlands, Stamicarbon, the innovation and license company of Maire Tecnimont Group, has been selected as the licensor for a project in Sub-Saharan Africa. This will be an addition to the existing urea production facilities in the region.
Stamicarbon will deliver the Process Design Package (PDP) for the Front-End Engineering and Design (FEED) for a 4000 mtpd melt and granulation plant. The urea melt plant with a pool reactor will use Stamicarbon’s MP Flash Design which is part of the LAUNCH MELT™ series and the Fluid bed Granulation design including acidic scrubbing which is part of the LAUNCH FINISH™ series. It is further characterized by low formaldehyde consumption, low dust, and ammonia emissions, high product quality, and high on-stream times. The entire synthesis sections will be in Safurex®.
The MP Flash design is one of Stamicarbon’s variants of melt concepts with improved energy efficiency, entailing a significant reduction of steam consumption. The fluid-bed granulation design is characterized by low formaldehyde consumption, low dust and  ammonia  emissions, high product quality, and high on-stream times. The minimal equipment items result in a significant reduction of the footprint and the overall capital  cost of the  plant. Less equipment also allows for a reduction in maintenance costs and OPEX savings.
Pejman Djavdan, Stamicarbon’s CEO, said ‘’we are proud to be part of this remarkable project. It is a genuinely solid project with an innovative concept that is bound to add value to the community and the region at large.  With this project, Stamicarbon has increased its footprint in Sub-Saharan Africa and positioned itself as the world leader in cutting-edge technology and solutions relevant to the fertilizer industry.

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