STAMICARBON (MAIRE Group) signed to license a new urea melt and granulation plant in Egypt

Sittard, the Netherlands — Stamicarbon, the nitrogen technology licensor of MAIRE engineering group, has been awarded a licensing and equipment supply contract for a state-of-the-art urea melt and granulation plant in Egypt for El-Nasr Company for Intermediate Chemicals (NCIC). The plant is expected to have a production capacity of 1,050 MTPD of urea and will be located in an area 100 km southeast of Cairo.

The facility will feature Stamicarbon’s pool reactor with adiabatic flash technology, which offers the advantages of lower steam consumption and enhanced energy efficiency. The proprietary high-pressure equipment for the urea synthesis section will be made of super durable duplex stainless steel. The new plant will also utilize Stamicarbon’s fluid-bed granulation technology to ensure the production of a superior product that meets the highest quality standards. The design includes the integrated off-gases acidic scrubbing system and the innovative salts reworking technology that eliminates the waste water stream.

“We are excited to extend our collaboration with NCIC by designing their second urea plant, which will now also feature our state-of-the-art granulation technology. This award is a testament to our dedication to providing reliable and efficient nitrogen-based technology solutions,” said Pejman Djavdan, Stamicarbon CEO.

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