We provide Process Analytical Technology solutions for on-line/in-line/at-line analysis and monitoring of industrial processes based on Machine Vision and Applied Spectroscopy.
Automatic defect inspection turn-key systems (Hardware and Software).

The state of the art solution for on-line analysis of the composition of Urea Ammonium Nitrate.

NIRSpec UAN analyzer can measure not only the concentrations of the main UAN components: Urea, Ammonium Nitrate and Water, but also the concentration of the unwanted by-product Biuret, which is becoming an increasingly important quality parameter of UAN.

Accurate continuous/real-time measurements and the unique capability of measuring the concentration of Biuret enable a better control of the quality of the UAN in the production process.

The analytical technology is based on the Near Infra-Red spectroscopy and the state of the art proprietary multivariate calibration.

Several references are successfully in operation.


  • Continuous on-line quantitative analysis of UAN for better process (product quality) control Measurement of 4 UAN components: Urea, Ammonium Nitrate, Water and Biuret
  • Eliminates time-loss and cost for sampling and laboratory measurements
  • High accuracy, repeatability and stability Low operating and maintenance costs
  • State of the art (proprietary) multivariate calibration with compensation for product temperature variation and for turbidity
  • Large transillumination area, hence less sensitivity to optical window fouling, better repeatability

Sprana R&D team is working in these new developments:

  • Adding the turbidity measurement to the online UAN analysis (which is also important for DEF/AdBlue application as there are strict requirements for concentration of solid particles there); the upgraded NIRSpec UAN analyzer will be capable of measuring the following parameters online:
    • Concentration of Urea
    • Concentration of Ammonium Nitrate
    • Concentration of Biuret
    • Concentration of H2O
    • Urea/Ammonium Nitrate ratio
    • Concentration of Nitrogen in ammonia (NH4) form
    • Concentration of Nitrogen in amide (NH2) form
    • Concentration of Nitrogen in nitrate (NO3) form
    • Total Nitrogen
    • Turbidity
    • Temperature of the sample
  • Continuously improving the accuracy of the concentration measurements in the UAN (i.e. our multivariate calibration models, temperature compensation, turbidity compensation)
  • On-line analysis of liquid fertilizers with Ammonium Thiosulfate.
  • On-line analysis of Urea melt (namely: concentration of Urea, Biuret and H2O).
  • On-line analysis of Urea solution (namely: concentration of Urea, Biuret and H2O).
  • On-line analysis of DEF/AdBlue (Diesel exhaust fluid in USA).
  • Development of full visible spectrum on-line colorimeter (colour analyzer, food industry applications).

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