Specific Process Safety Risks in Ammonia and Urea Plants 19-21 June 2019 in Amsterdam: A First of a Kind Milestone Event

In Amsterdam from 19-21 June 2019 for the first time an open 3-Day Safety Ammonia & Urea Training Program was organised by AmmoniaKnowHow.com and UreaKnowHow.com: “Specific Process Safety Risks in Ammonia and Urea Plants”. More than twenty engineers participated from all around the world: Belgium, Germany, India, Iran, Italy, Nigeria, Pakistan, The Netherlands, UK, USA and Vietnam. It was a first of a kind milestone event in our industry as several process safety risks were shared and discussed amongst all participants, who origin from various licensors, contractors and producers. The result can only improve Safety and Performance of our industry! Click here to read the complete report and the video.

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