Special 2-Day Training Program for Qafco Production Staff and Shift Supervisors

Last week UreaKnowHow.com did conduct a Special 2X2-Day Training Program “Corrosion in Urea Plants” for Qafco Production Department Staff and Shift Supervisors.

Totally nearly 60 Qafco employees participated divided in two groups and all appreciated the training very much (95% score in evaluation). On one side the training included theoretical background information about corrosion in carbamate solutions illustrated with numerous examples and cases. And on the other side many practical examples were discussed how to recognize and avoid corrosion problems in High Pressure Equipment by applying certain operating and maintenance procedures. An overview of all available urea process technologies and the various materials of construction applied by the different licensors Stamicarbon, Saipem, TEC and Urea Casale completed the training program. And secured that this training program was very much of interest for all employees as Qafco operates six urea plants ruinning with all the available urea process technologies.

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