Second BHDT Service Urea Conference 2012: A True Learning Experience


The Second BHDT Service Urea Conference 2012, held on May 3 & 4 in Kapfenberg, Austria was a True Learning Experience and together with the famous Austrian hospitality a very pleasant event.
BHDT, for more than fifty years delivering High Pressure Valves and Piping parts for the ammonia and urea plants, organized this second conference to inform its customers and business partners about the various activities of BHDT Service. During the complete lifetime of a urea plant, BHDT Service offers support to increase the safety and reliability of the High Pressure Piping systems. Together with Stamicarbon and Sandvik Materials Technology a very interesting program had been established. This second conference was attended by more than sixty engineers and managers from all over the world. The first day focused on Material of Construction and Welding Techniques in urea plants, where after interesting workshop tours with welding demonstrations were held. During the evening dinner BHDT proved to possess excellent musical talent. The next day started with a tour to the Böhler Steel mill and followed with presentations illustrating BHDT’s latest innovations and the various activities of BHDT Service. This second conference proved to be a true learning experience together with the famous Austrian hospitality. Please find more information here. 
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