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RotaSep offers unprecedented gas-liquid separation performance in an exceptionally small package. With up to 10 times the gas capacity and double the liquid capacity of conventional separation vessels, RotaSep’s robust and modular design is ready to meet any separation requirements.

Small Footprint

10x Smaller Dimensions
RotaSep offers exceptional performance in a package that’s up to 10 times smaller than traditional separator towers, saving valuable space at the installation site.

3x Lower Weight
The much smaller unit with similar flow and throughput results in RotaSep being much more lightweight than alternatives, which helps with easy installation and support requirements.

Massive Performance

5x Smaller Particles
Our separation technology achieves a much higher separation efficiency than possible with other systems, which results in a superior quality output gas and higher recovery yield.

Full compatibility
RotaSep is available in 8 different sizes for both new and retrofit installations, offering a great fit with any site and highly reduced auxiliary installation material requirements.

>40% TCO Reduction

30-50% Lower CAPEX
RotaSep is based on our modular product approach that uses generic materials and standardized components, which results in a much lower separator investment.

Lower OPEX
Without any filters, RotaSep saves downtime for replacement, cleaning, and maintenance, while its efficiency reduces or even defeats the purpose of waste stream treatment.


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