SDS Separation Receives Funding from the Just Transition Fund for the RotaScrub Carbon Capture Project

We are pleased to announce that SDS Separation has been awarded funding from the European Union’s Just Transition Fund (JTF) for our RotaScrub Carbon Capture project (RSCC).

About the Just Transition Fund:
The Just Transition Fund is a cornerstone of the EU’s European Green Deal, designed to aid regions severely impacted by the transition towards climate neutrality. With an allocated budget of €17.5 billion, the fund aims to stimulate economic activity, promote innovation, and create job opportunities in line with the EU’s climate objectives.

Local Administration by Rijnmond Authority:
The JTF’s local implementation is managed by the Rijnmond Authority and is aimed at achieving three key objectives in the Groot-Rijnmond region:

1️⃣ Enhance Local Climate Tech Companies: The fund will facilitate the growth and technological advancements of local enterprises like SDS Separation, furthering their contribution to environmental sustainability.
2️⃣ CO2 Capture from Local Industries: The RotaScrub Carbon Capture project is designed to substantially curtail CO2 emissions in the Rijnmond industrial sector.
3️⃣ Job Creation in the Rijnmond Area: This initiative will serve as an employment catalyst, offering opportunities for technical staff in the new energy transition sector.

Impact and Scope:
We are committed to utilizing this funding to foster innovation and employment, thus contributing positively to the Rijnmond region and aligning with broader European objectives.

Further Reach:
The JTF is further supported by InvestEU and the European Investment Bank, targeting a total public investment ranging between €25 to €30 billion.

We express our gratitude for this funding opportunity and look forward to contributing meaningfully to a more sustainable and economically robust future for the Rijnmond region and the European Union at large.

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