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Solution provider since 2009

Sandvik Materials Technology is a world leading producer of high technology stainless steels, special alloy materials and advanced value-added products, developed in close cooperation with customers.
Sandvik is a world leading producer of seamless stainless steel tubes. We have total control over the entire production process from steel melt to the finished product. Our tubes are typically used within industries such as: chemical and petrochemical, oil and gas, power generation, fertilizer, pulp and paper and mechanical.
Sandvik Materials Technology has supplied quality products for high pressure urea service for more than 30 years.
The best recognition for outstanding quality are that most plants in the world use our products and that the longest service record has been set with Sandvik 2RE69.
The modern large scale urea plants are very efficient, in spite of the highly corrosive environments in the critical equipment. The high pressure and temperature in combination with toxic ammonia calls for best special stainless steel as Sandvik 3R60 Urea Grade, Sandvik 2RE69, Bimetallic tubes or Sandvik Safurex.
The high standstill cost is about USD 250.000 per day, which easily motivate the use of special material for longer and safer service.
We manufacture and stock tubes, pipes, fittings, bar, plates and welding consumables. The products conform to the specifications from leading licensees like Stamicarbon and Snamprogetti.

SAFUREX: The new stainless steel developed for service in the Stamicarbon urea process

+ Higher strength
+ Similar thermal expansion to carbon steel
+ Improved corrosion resistance in oxygen free urea solution
+ Welding properties

Safurex is superior to Sandvik 2RE69, which has the longest service life to date in urea strippers. It is because Safurex can operate at lower oxygen levels in carbamate solutions than 2RE69. At normal oxygen levels the corrosion resistance of Safurex is same as for 2RE69. The higher strength of Safurex also contributes to longer service life.
Safurex has improved resistance against stress corrosion cracking if exposed for chloride, which can occur with 316L Urea Grade and 2RE69 if chloride content is higher than recommended on the steam side in H.P. carbamate condenser. In practical terms, stress corrosion cracking is not a problem when using Safurex in the H.P. carbamate condenser.

Safurex is a better choice than 316L Urea Grade and 2RE69 for usage in strippers, H.P. condensers, scrubbers, high-pressure piping and reactors. Tube, pipe, fittings, plate, bar and welding consumables are available for fabrication of new or replacement units.
The improve corrosion resistance means the oxygen addition can be reduced, which makes it possible for Stamicarbon to offer new and more cost effective plants. The operation becomes easier and the capital cost is reduced compared with the older design.


Mr. Jari. Ponsiluoma
Sandvik Materials Technology, STMU