SAIPEM approves AMMO LASER Leak Detection System

Urea incident databases and risk registers clearly prove the need for a proper leak detection system for loose liners of high-pressure urea equipment as the #1 Safeguard for Any Urea Plant. and KeyTech Engineering Company have developed an active vacuum-based leak detection system with the most accurate and reliable ammonia analyzer: The AMMO LASER Leak Detection System. This leak detection system is the most reliable leak detection system over all existing leak detection systems in operation so far.

The AMMO LASER Leak Detection System assures the safety and reliability of the critical high-pressure urea equipment and on top of that, realizes a pay-back time by granting also the possibility to measure the ammonia emissions at other locations in the complex. The AMMO LASER Leak Detection System is successfully in operation since 2017 in several urea plants.

We are proud to announce that SAIPEM, as owner and licensor of the Snamprogetti™ Urea Technology, approves the AMMO LASER Leak Detection System for application in all its plants.

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