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Saipem is one of the global leader in drilling services, as well as in the engineering, procurement, construction and installation of pipelines and complex projects, onshore and offshore, in the oil & gas market. It has distinctive competences in operations in harsh environments, remote areas and deepwater. It provides a full range of services with contracts on an “EPC” and/or “EPCI” (“turn-key”) basis and it has distinctive capabilities and unique assets with highest technological content.











SnamprogettiTM Urea Technology

The first industrial urea plant based on Saipem’s NH3 stripping technology was put into operation in 1971. Since then more than 130 urea plants based on this technology have been in operation or are under implementation with a market share of about 35% of total world capacity.





234,500 MT


Track Records

  • 941 days of uninterrupted plant operation
  • More than 15 plants for capacities over 3,000 MTPD since year 2000
  • First 4,000 MTPD urea plant single line
  • Over 4,200 MTPD in operating plant
  • 5,000+ MTPD urea plant ready

Recent Innovations

SNAMPROGETTI™ SUPERCUPS solution enhances the yield of operation for the urea reactor. The innovative concept of SuperCups lies in the realization of a confined reaction space within the tray geometry. In this way SuperCups perform as additional active reaction stages thus enhancing the conversion rate.

OMEGABOND® TECHNOLOGY for a long-lasting and robust Urea stripper operation. The Omegabond® tube technology utilizes a solid-state process, which metallurgically bonds the titanium tubes to the zirconium via an extrusion process that prevents solution from seeping between the tube layers.

Performance & Flexibility

An high efficient and reliable process (easy and safe operation, high on-stream factor) along with an high-quality product in terms of biuret and moisture content. The design of medium pressure section, a buffer for any up-set in high pressure section, assures greater flexibility in plant operation. Flexibility, excess of ammonia and the possibility of blocking-in the high pressure section assure a high on-stream factor.

Environmental Care

Ammonia venting is reduced to nearly zero by a particular feature of Snamprogetti™ technology. This result is also facilitated by the very low quantity of passivation air required and introduced into the plant. The urea and ammonia dissolved in process condensate are removed in the dedicated section. Treated condensate is normally reused as boiler feed water.

Everlasting support

Saipem assures a complete technology package tailored for your project, starting from the design up to the first rate assistance during the whole lifetime of your plant.

CO2 Solutions by SAIPEM

Our proprietary carbon capture technology, lowers the cost threshold to capture CO2 from post-combustion sources and allows sequestration and reuse to obtain new marketable products. The non-toxic and non-volatile solvent developed in the last twenty years yields an innovative enzymatic CO2 capture process. CO2 Solutions by SAIPEM resolves solvent degradation and eliminates the toxicity of amine technologies while lowering high-temperature energy requirements. The patented process, demonstrated at an industrial scale, has reached the marketing stage (TRL-8). SAIPEM offers CO2 Solutions by SAIPEM process technology to all industrial operators who need environmentally sound methods to reduce their post-combustion carbon emissions and meet their reduction targets in a technically competitive and financially viable way.


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