SABIC Agri-Nutrients sell low-carbon urea to Ravenwsdown in New Zealand

“We hit a major milestone when the first ever global shipment of low-carbon urea reached Timaru, New Zealand, marking a significant step in our continuing efforts toward meeting our net zero commitment.”

“Our collaboration with Ravensdown, a New Zealand agricultural co-operative company which received the shipment, is a strong indicator of our overall commitment to delivering low-carbon solutions to customers and helping them achieve their net-zero targets.”

Blue Urea by SABIC Agri-Nutrients: Urea production is linked to production of its precursor ammonia, which is linked to considerable CO2 emissions. “Our innovation is mainly focused about offering Blue or Low carbon Urea that is produced utilizing third party certified (TÜV-R) Blue Ammonia with zero Carbon Footprint.”

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