Risk Register of a Urea Reactor: Learn also Why… instead of only What…

The Top 3 Recommendations for an existing 316L UG Reactor:
1. Install an active, vacuum based, leak detection system with a reliable and accurate ammonia detector.
Vacuum because:
• It detects the maximum liner area (also around clips and other failure modes like condensation corrosion, fatigue cracks, clogged groove etc.)
• It can be applied in every design (also in case no grooves, one hole, clogged, etc.)
• It avoids risks of liner bulging
• It offers a solution also in case of a blockage
2. Perform corrosion inspections during turnarounds by qualified and experienced inspectors with a frequency depending on age of reactor and previous inspection findings.
3. Make use of skillful and experienced welders during repair jobs and apply higher alloy materials

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