UreaKnowHow.com prepares a Risk Register Leak Detection System for Loose Liners of High Pressure Equipment

Clogging in the leak detection system is by far the most serious risk to cause high corrosion rates of the carbon steel pressure bearing wall of high pressure urea equipment. A state of the art leak detection system should safeguard first and for all warn before clogging occurs. Key words to avoid the aforementioned situations are early detection and high reliability.
This is the reason that passive leak detection systems, where one waits for the leak to show up at the analyzer are unsafe and not acceptable anymore today. This has been proven through trial and error in numerous incidents, for example Urea Incident 18-005 (FIORDA Urea Case #5).
The next question is: What are the requirements for a state of the art active and reliable leak detection system?
Find the Risk Register of a Leak Detection System including the lessons learned from related incidents via the following link: Risk Register Leak Detection System.pdf

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