Petrobras selects Eurotecnica High Pressure Melamine Technology

We are pleased to announce that Eurotecnica High Pressure Melamine Technology has been selected by Petrobras (Petróleo Brasileiro S.A.) for the implementation of a 40,000 ton/year Melamine production plant to be built in Linhares, Espirito Santo State, southeast Brazil. 

This world-scale plant is part of a grassroots gas-to-chemicals complex called Complexo Gás-Químico UFN-IV that, besides melamine, includes ammonia, urea, methanol, acetic acid and formic acid. Within the frame of the UFN-IV project Foster Wheeler, acting as Integrator for the entire complex, has awarded Eurotecnica a contract for the supply of License, Process Design Package, Technical Assistance and Training. During the following EPC phase Eurotecnica will supply the proprietary equipment for the successful completion of the plant. Our reputation and proven experience in delivering world-scale melamine plants featuring zero pollution and guaranteeing the highest levels of efficiency and reliability were key to our success in winning this important contract. Once again it is confirmed that Eurotecnica High Pressure Melamine technology is the best available technology and the best choice for the urea producers willing to diversify their productions and to supply their clients a high-end chemical compound. The Petrobras Melamine plant, the 18th unit designed and implemented by Eurotecnica, is the best way to celebrate our 50th Anniversary.

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