Our Training Programs

UreaKnowHow.com’s team consists of independent and world recognized urea experts with a long track experience in designing, operating, maintaining and revamping urea plants.

Since 2011, we have organized more than 40 Training Programs for 1000+ participants for all kinds of urea plants.

UreaKnowHow.com organizes various Training Programs on a regular basis:

  • Safety Training Programs for NH3 and Urea Plants. Serious incidents continue to take place in the nitrogen fertilizer industry. AmmoniaKnowHow.com and UreaKnowHow.com provide dedicated Safety and HSE Training Programs discussing the specific safety and HSE aspects in ammonia and urea plants. Numerous safety incidents, which occurred in the past in ammonia and urea plants, form the basis of these training programs. The Lessons Learned will be discussed targeting a higher safety standard in our industry. For more information click here for Safety and HSE Training Programs in Urea Plants and for Safety Training Programs in Ammonia Plants.
  • 5 or 10-Day Urea Training Program. Complete Urea Training Programs for engineers, managers, shift supervisors and operators working in any kind of urea plant. These Training Programs can be open for all companies at a central location, organized in-house at a plant site or half-open hosted by one plant while others are invited also to join. Jointly you will learn a lot more plus you will get many opportunities to discuss your problems with the other participants and industry experts. Click here for a typical agenda.
  • 5-Day Training Program Maintenance in Urea Plants. Click here for a typical agenda
  • 3-Day UreaKnowHow Master Class – Become a real Urea Master!
    Follow-op of our 5-Day Urea Training Program. Apply the earlier lessons learned in real life cases, Take your urea knowledge to a deeper level, Active participation in workshops and Get 5 takeaways from each workshop to use in your plant.
    Workshop 1: A leak in our high pressure urea equipment!
    Workshop 2: Creep to Higher Profits!
    Workshop 3: Reliable HP piping & valves
    Workshop 4: How to avoid an explosion?
  • 2-Day Fertilizer Training Program
    The Urea-Know-How.com Fertilizer Training Program is a 2-Day Training Program designed for Engineers and Managers, Marketing and Business Development Managers and Safety, Health and Environmental Managers. You will learn about the various types of fertilizers, the various fertilizer production technologies and fertilizer finishing technologies with its pros and cons, the role of fertilizers, the market trends and players in the fertilizer business and the hazards of the various fertilizers and fertilizer production technologies. More Information
  • 2-Day Training Program Urea and Nitric Acid. Click here for a typical agenda
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UreaKnowHow.com is an independent group of nitrogen fertilizer specialists with an impressive number of years experience in designing, maintaining and operating nitrogen fertilizer plants.

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