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Established in the mountain city of Chongqing, China in 2002, ChongQing Orient Mechanical and Electrical Technology Co, LTD (“Orient”) is a comprehensive technology company that specializes in non-destructive testing, corrosion monitoring, maintenance, technical consultation, technical cooperation and delegated sales of special maintenance tools and equipment in petrochemical, electric power and other industries. entity.

We have nearly twenty years of experience in heat exchanger and air cooler tube bundle eddy current and rotary ultrasonic IRIS inspection; furnace tube creep defect inspection and evaluation; urea high-pressure equipment comprehensive corrosion inspection; turbine rotor blade and shroud rivet defect inspection and other aspects.

Our testing technology, testing quality and testing efficiency are highly recognized by customers around China. By developing close and in-depth cooperation with relevant domestic and foreign testing equipment companies, testing and inspection institutes, and scientific research institutions, we strive to provide our users with first-class technology and services.

Orient has a group of highly-competent technical personnel in chemical machinery, corrosion and protection, metal materials, non-destructive testing, computer technology, and automation. More than 80% of our special equipment inspection and testing personnel hold certificates of eddy current intermediate (level II) or even higher level.

The founder of Orient, Mr. Zhou Qingmu, went to Stamicarbon in the Netherlands to receive proprietary technology training in urea equipment corrosion detection, comprehensive defect evaluation and defect repair, and participated in the technical development of “heat exchanger tube exchange technology”, “cleaning technology of urea unit stripper” and “repair technology for corrosion and failure of urea high-pressure equipment”.

Comprehensive Corrosion Inspection of Urea High-Pressure Equipment

。Inspection and analysis of macroscopic corrosion status of urea high-pressure equipment -VT

。Heat exchanger-eddy current testing of pipes

。Corrosion holes detection of tube sheet

。Pipe and tube plate fillet weld inspection -ECTPAUTUTRT

。Measurement of lining thickness of corrosion resistant layer and stainless steel surfacing layer-UT

。Measurement of ferrite content in stainless steel welds and linings

。Detection of high-pressure bolts (without removing the bolts) and screw holes -PAU

Petrochemical plant heat exchanger, air cooler tube bundle eddy current and rotary ultrasonic IRIS inspection

。Eddy current flaw detection and thickness measurement of heat exchange tube bundles of heat exchanger -ECT

。Eddy current testing and thickness measurement of finned tube bundles of air coolers -ECT

。IRIS rotary ultrasonic testing of heat exchanger tube bundle -UT

。Rotary ultrasonic/rod anode detection for fillet welds of tube and tube plate -PAUTUTRT

。Corrosion holes detection of carbon steel pipe plate of heat exchanger -ECT

Detection and evaluation of creep defects of furnace tube

。Detection of creep defects of furnace tube (low-frequency array eddy current ECA, penetrating ultrasonic UT)

Pipeline inspection

。Corrosion detection of pipeline without removing the insulation layer (pulse eddy current)-PEC

。thickness measurement of high-temperature pipe -EMAT

Other characteristic testing items

。Detection of the surface crack and weld joint without removing the cover layer(stainless steel, carbon steel)-ECA

。Turbine rotor rivet and blade defect detection (turbine rotor rivet) -ECTUTPAUT

。Quick test of alloy composition of metal materials

Technical collaboration

。high pressure urea equipment corrosion damage and repair technology consultation

。Consultation on eddy current testing technology of heat exchanger and air cooler

。Petrified equipment anti-corrosion new materials, testing new technology, repair new technology development, experiment research

Agent sales business

。Buying, selling and renting test instruments

。Buy maintenance special tools (hydraulic torque wrench, bolt tensioner, beveling machine, valve grinding machine) sales

。Petrifaction non-standard equipment, pipe fittings, valve agent sales


ChongQing Orient Mechanical and Electrical Technology Co. LTD


3rd Floor, Building B, Danguiyuan Industrial Estate,

No. 5 Danlong Road, Nan’an District,

Chongqing, China



T: 0086 23-626 010 48

F: 0086 23-629 155 01 and 0086 138 961 431 27


Comprehensive Corrosion Inspection of Urea High-Pressure Equipment



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