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Solution provider since 2022

NobelClad™ manufactures clad plate, clad tube sheets and custom composite metal solutions using its trusted and proprietary DetaClad™ explosion welding process. In doing so, we reliably and safely solve end users’ most challenging needs in the energy and industrial markets.

Headquartered in Broomfield, Colorado, and as a division of DMC Global Inc., we operate manufacturing facilities in Liebenscheid, Germany, and Mount Braddock, Pennsylvania, US, with worldwide sales and distribution resources dedicated to custom composite metal products.

Our DetaClad explosion welding process gives licensors, end users, engineers and fabricators added peace of mind when failure and delayed project timelines are not an option.
For more than 60 years, engineers have resorted to explosion welding to economically add the corrosion-resistant strength using reactive metals (Zr/Ti/Ta), Ni- alloys, Al, Copper, austenitcs  and/or superduplex with CS/SS/LAS materials to Urea, Nitric acid, Melamine, PTA, Acetic acid, Ammonia, Nitro Benzene, Polycarbonate and other process equipment designs. NobelClad has pioneered this technology from Dupont and produces it’s proprietary DetaClad™ plates.

Also, we for some of the piping systems Solid Ti/Zr spool construction is not ideal.  Loose lining, although more economical, cannot withstand the cycling conditions at working temperatures and pressures.  NobelClad has innovated new product DetaPipe™. This pipe spool, from flange face to flange face, is fully clad with Zr/Ti/Ta inside carbon steel. DetaPipe can be fabricated with either ANSI flanges, compact flanges, or seal ring hubs. DetaPipe™ is currently being offered in straight lengths up to 9 meters and elbows. We can produce pipe spools currently from 6” to 30” NPS.





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