Nitrogen & Syngas (BCInsight) and partner up

BCInsight Ltd is a totally independent private publishing company providing analysis, comment and statistics on the world-wide production, trade, transportation, handling and consumption of fertilizers, fertilizer raw materials, sulphur and certain other minerals and chemicals.
The company publishes 3 regular titles, Sulphur, launched in 1955, Nitrogen+Syngas, initially published as Nitrogen in 1959, becoming Nitrogen & Methanol in 1998 and finally Nitrogen+Syngas in 2005 and Fertilizer International, first published in 1969, plus two annual directories serving the sulphur and fertilizer industries.
The bimonthly magazines are specifically targeted at the international fertilizer and agrochemical industries, and the sulphur and sulphuric acid industries, and include regular features on the latest process technology and equipment. The annual directories provide comprehensive listings of producers and suppliers of relevant process technology and equipment.

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