NH3 2017 Kole Kribhco A Case Study on KFL’s CO2 Absorber Shell Corrosion

In CO2 absorption system of Giammarco Vetrocoke (GV), a leakage in shell of CO2 absorber was observed in August 2016. Upon examining the column, it was noticed that wall thickness of the absorber had reduced from 50 mm to 25 mm at many places. Since pre-welding-heat treatment (PWHT) was impracticable, welding process was optimised to rule out the requirement of PWHT fulfilling the code compliance of ASME section VIII Division 1. Umpteen of analysis were carried out to establish root cause and the repair technique was validated with finite element analysis. The article details the experience of failure with CO2 absorber, probable causes and remedial measures undertaken by KFL.


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